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Putting on a show?  Questions and answers...

Our huge inflatable screens provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable event for your family, community or business.  From a small family gathering to a large venue event, we have a screen and a system to suit your needs. 

We can provide everything from the dry-hire of a single item through to complete event production, and offer expert and friendly advice on scheduling, planning and execution.   We assist with film hire and rights issues, local codes and requirements, layouts etc leave it to us!  We also assist those wanting to do drive–ins with the regulations specific to these events.

What can I do ?
See your best loved films in your best loved location ! Screen DVDs, BluRay, TV, PC or MAC graphics or just about anything Show images, slides, graphics or video

Who uses these kits ?
EVERYONE and ANYONE ! We can supply DIY or fully manned kits and have worked with venues and events as diverse as;

  • Film societies - the CA501 is a compete solution,, offering sound, projection, DVD/BDD and options for E cinema and event cinema playback. By adding the optional satellite receiver or E cinema server the system becomes the perfect heart of a small scale cinema operation. Fully compatible with E cinema secured playback
  • Outdoor movies - the kit is durable and can be housed in a vehicle, building or scaffold. It is powerful enough for a small scale outdoor event of up to 100 people, and can be coupled with generators and FM transmitters as required
  • Weddings - entertain the kids, show baby pictures of the happy couple (!) or a mix of pictures you took earlier that night. Show video messages from abroad, favorite movies or whatever images or sounds complement the moment - the inbuilt PA adds to the event and can reinforce speech or play audio as required
  • Parties- kids parties go off with a bang when they play their favorite console game on a massive screen with 100W sound ! The system can show music videos, TV, sport or images and can be used to power the sounds of your gathering.
  • Anniversaries - imagine his or her surprise to walk into a 12 foot image of themselves as a younger soul - OR perhaps surprise them with a giant screen experience of the movie you first saw together. Titanic on Valentines day ? First Wives Club to commemorate your divorce ? All in a simple to use package
  • k Advertising and graphics - with stand-alone operation, the CA501 can blast your message across almost any surface on proportions never before imagined ! Advertise, inform, show just about anything just about anywhere
  • Fundraisers and community - the CA501 is easy to use and can quickly transform a village green into a miniplex !
  • Hotels and clubs - screen live sport outdoors, introduce movie nights, blow the Karaoke up to 2 stories tall . Suitable for use around multiple venues
  • Business- bring the big screen experience to your presentation. The kit includes HDMI cables for quick PC connectivity, as well as direct USB playback of multiple formats.
  • Conference - with the inbuilt PA and multiple inputs, the CA series is the perfect heart of any small scale conference or presentation requiring large scale performance. The kit ships in a discrete black flight case
  • Art - suitable for building and mapping
  • Education - utilize the optional 3D kit to wow your students - and at the same time use the kit for teaching in perspective and vision. 3D ppt authoring tools available. Then treat the school to a Friday afternoon feature film on the giant screen
  • kLocation - where can I go ?
    Our kits can go just about anywhere. Large backyards (4m x 6m is usually the minimum) to large scale arenas. Things to consider are traffic, land owners permission and any local licences which may be required

    Audience size - how big and how many ?
    Our smallest kits are priced and designed to be usable with audiences from a couple of dozen to around 200. These kits produce an image of between 3m and 6m wide and come with a small scale PA. For audiences of over 200, we suggest the larger kits with brighter projectors capable of screens of up to 12m, about the size of a large cinema screen in a multiplex. For audiences of thousands, we offer our 20m inflatable screen and limitless DCI high brightness projection systems.

    Drive in or walk in ?
    Our larger kits are suitable for drive in and walk in screenings. Drive in shows are great however do require far more space and generally a larger image than walkin shows. Furthermore, a PA is not possible with drive-ins, so you will need a FM transmitter and appropriate licences (see below).

    kWhat do I need for Sound ?
    Do you need a PA or a FM transmitter - we can do either as well as a wireless, licence free "silent cinema" headphone system on demand. Considerations need to include not only the audience size but the levels of background noise and any noise issues that the event may create for local residents.

    Do you supply FM transmitters ?
    We can supply a range of low to medium powered FM transmitters. Use of these requires an ofcom licence, which requires a lead time of at least 6 weeks. We can arrange this on your behalf

    Manned or dry hire ?
    We offer both fully manned and dry (equipment only) rentals. We recommend an engineer for events over 500 people or with the 5.1 and DC systems, whereas the CA501 is designed for DIY setup and operation. We offer full support in either case. Where we provide an engineer, we ask for some assistance from the site during rig and de rig - we can alternatively provide a full team to cater for the entire event as required

    Powered site or not ?
    Our kits require a minimum of a 16A single phase C form to operate (13A in the case of the CA501 and the S43). Outdoor screenings require a RCD protected supply - we can provide cabling and RCDs as well as protection and generators as required

    kWhat am I showing – a film, live gaming or alternative content such as sports events or opera?
    All kits are ready to show freeview TV, PC graphics, DVD, BDD and just about any other image or sound input. Satellite kits and E cinema playback devices are available as options. We strongly recommend a site test prior to any live or satellite events- 5pm on show day is not a good time to discover a BBC black spot

    What format am I using – DVD, BluRay or Digital etc ?
    All are easy to do, with the exception of DCI content which requires the CA2k. Simply set the system up and play the content via the inbuilt DVD or USB players

    Does it suit the location you have in mind?
    Check out the space - is it flat ? Is it dry ? Is there vehicle access ? - the screen and projector ship in a small van and the van is typically used as the projection space

    Do you need any permissions from local councils etc ?
    Private events on private land do not normally need permission or licensing. Beyond that it is up to the local authority to apply regulations as they see fit - typically they may ask for anything to a full entertainments licence to a simple email advising on the event. Questions they may ask include toilet provision, clearance of rubbish, lighting and escape paths and stewarding. We can assist - please call

    kFilm licensing. ?
    Who do I get the film from and the licence to show it?
    In most cases, the rights to exhibit a film will be held by a motion picture distributor and often the control of non-theatrical rights will be delegated to a smaller sub-distributor.   In most cases the film or video will be sourced from these distributors and it is with them that we need to negotiate.  This rate may be flat or based on a percentage of your admission take.  There are quite clear guidelines on the appropriate websites for outdoor screenings and drive-ins.  We are happy to assist with this element if you would like us to provide an all in service.

    What time is sunset?
    Setting up outdoor cinemas on the day of the show is complicated by the fact that you will not be able to see the image on screen until near sunset when your audience will be watching. We offer a special method of pre focusing and full lens calculations to avoid having to move the projector or screen just before the show. Typically you will be able to get first focus and image sizing an hour before sunset, with readable images 30 minutes before the published times. See here for sunset times across the world...
    Sunset times

    Points to consider about your event and liability ?
    Have I covered H & S requirements?
    Am I insured?
    Do I get sponsorship or pre show advertising?

    kDo I need a microphone?
    All of our kits come with a basic mic plus the provision to add many more. We can also connect to external systems and our kits can double up as a PA for your event

    What type of screen ?
    We can supply Inflatable Projection Screens, static screens or fast fold items. We can also work with existing venues and can screen images onto just about any white or light surface with decent blackout

    Digital Projection Systems, E cinema, DVD / BluRay or 35/70mm film projection ?
    Today, 35mm and 70mm film is seldom used - most content is available on either DVD/BDD or D cinema format. We do however retain a range of specialist film hire gear - call for details. Typical outdoor screenings are off E cinema hard drives or BluRay. Films under 3 months old are likely to be available only on DCI format- we suggest that you check film availability first if you are considering a current release feature

    Backup Systems for all Equipment
    We are the UK's longest established outdoor movie source, and continue to provide support for all of the UK's best outdoor operators. We have off the shelf stock of backup systems and kits - visit us to check out our range - beware of smaller operators running from the back of their Mum's Range-rover with not as much as a plug fuse to back you up. All of our kits come with an accessory kit with spare lamps and basic tools - our gear also incorporates backup modes where you may be able to salvage a screening despite the failure of a piece of kit.

    kSporting, arts or music events
    We can relay any video feed from local or remote sporting or arts event, for instance, football, opera.  Please remember for outdoor screenings it does need to be dark!  Feeds can be live or pre recorded. For Digital projection we can use external satellite feeds or provide our own equipment, either open or secured.  Where using satellites we always pre align our dish in advance of the screening and request test signals to ensure complete reliability.

    On – screen Digital advertising
    Live video, slides or static advertising images can be screened, along with scrolling or static messages as required.  Mix live feeds and this can be used as a pure advertising medium or indeed a crowd buffer, mixing advertising messages with light entertainment,

    Advertising as an additional source of revenue for any event
    Every company wants to see their name in lights, and association with a fun event like a drive-in movie or sports event sticks in one’s mind.   We can add Digital advertising slides or video to any Digital presentation, or in the case of film discuss revenue opportunities with one of the major cinema advertising companies

    Prizegivings, meetings, external overflow for events
    Use our screens to relay your live event to those outside the venue.  Video feeds and sound can be from others or by our own team

    We can patch in any computer or game console for your event and blow it up to fill our screens; Wii, Xbox, laptops, PS3 and karaoke are all possible.

    aTesting and return
    For dry hires (i.e. unmanned) we test and inspect all equipment on despatch and return, and from the time of leaving our works until it’s safe return your insurance needs to cover the equipment.  We warranty the gear against manufacturing or defects due to our works however we do not cover transit damage or glass (i.e. lamp) damage in any instance.  We do however offer additional cover against glass items (i.e. lamps, mirrors and lenses).  This is listed in your estimate – we strongly recommend taking this extra cover out as lamps typically cost several hundred pounds and lenses several thousand.

    Weather !
    One word on outdoor screenings.  Rain !  A little drizzle can be fun however heavy rain, wind or even snow can cause the cancellation of the event.  If the event has to be cancelled or postponed due to weather, we will work with you to reschedule.  Our charging policy is as follows;
    -           Cancellation more than 24 hours before the event – 50% deposit
    -           Cancellation less than 24 hours before the event but prior to our despatch – 50% deposit plus unrecoverable costs (such as equipment hired in, contract labour etc)
    -           Cancellation after despatch but prior to the start of event – 75% plus unrecoverable costs
    -           Cancellation after arrival on site – 90%
    We understand that weather is a risk and in the event of postponement, we will endeavor to offer extremely favorable rates for later events.

    Here’s what our customers say;

    “Looks amazing – can’t wait to do it gain next year – thank you for all the help and advice getting my business going” – George, Dulwich Park
    Watching the Starship Enterprise flying amongst the stars in Suffolk was incredibly cool” Tom
    “Made a great end of term treat for the students and fundraiser for the school” St Georges, Kent
    “The screen worked beautifully, a good night”  Earagail Arts Festival Ireland
    A sellout Drive In, your tech was great” Cornwall Film Festival